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Programmed Cell Death


Nothing is permanent. Everything has a fleeting window of existence from the largest star to the tiniest cell on the grand timeline. ‘Programmed Cell Death’ is a head-over-heals trip into the notion that nothing is exempt from this brutal but necessary rhythm that helps govern the universe. It’s the omnipresent, cosmic recycler that forever churns all matter and energy, doing away with the old and making room for the new. 


The abrupt start to the song immediately throws the listener into a scape of droning synth walls coupled with a repeating swell pattern that sits perfectly in between the driving groove of the drums. The sparse electric guitar signals a shift to a state of anticipation which is then rewarded as the song transitions into an area of more space leaving room for a full-fledged screamer of a guitar solo filled with pinch harmonics and tasteful feedback. Both guitar and drums drop out leaving behind just the synth drone for another abrupt change in atmosphere. There’s a calm here before alien textures enter the listening field and create immediate tension which is entirely released as the half-time breakdown comes in with force. Ghoulish squelches and blips dance around a simple beat and heavy sub bass line contrasting heavily with the busy wall of sound that preceded. The last sudden shift comes with the transition back into the last section of the song which mirrors the beginning and then crescendos into a soaring outro. The abrupt, dynamic changes of the song recall the aforementioned sentiments of the title ‘Programmed Cell Death’. The song as a whole conducts the listener through greatly contrasting sections and expressions of how ephemeral we (and everything around us) are.


Orbiting this release is the physical cover art which is a painting done by Cozm AKA Jesse Cegielski depicting the characters Cozm and Naught with a pseudo-cell undergoing our representation of the programmed cell death process. There’s also a full-length performance video with full studio-level production and editing of which a preview of can be viewed below. We plan to run targeted social ads to maximize views on the video and song plays. We’re super interested in working with you on this release in whatever capacity that may be. There's a lot of content to push and are looking for that backing force to help make this prolific and successful. Thanks for your time.

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