Cozm & Naught is the psychedelic duo conjured from deep within the brain folds of Atlantians Jesse Cegielski and Dariush Mirsajedin. These life-long explorers of their craft are bringing their talent to an untapped facet of electronic music. With backgrounds and influences from a diverse landscape of music genres and artists spanning from electro and death metal all the way to hip-hop and jazz, Cozm & Naught gives light to a groovier, heavier, and thought-provoking side of electronic music. The overlay of Jesse’s tasteful and at times mind-bending guitar riffs with Dariush’s hyper-precise pocket rhythms creates an other-worldly experience for anyone that stumbles into Cozm & Naught’s psychedelic chasm of sound. 


The band’s unusual angle of approach to electronic music lends itself to their versatility and has landed them gigs such as direct support for The Crystal Method at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse and the rooftop after party for Primus’ Georgia Theatre show in September of 2018. Cozm & Naught’s live show ducks and dives through dynamic lulls and ultimate crescendos creating a vividly dramatic encounter curated just for the audience. Heavy sub-bass with layers of droning synth walls and supernatural melodic phrases permeate their songs and serve to create tension then deliver releases that keep listeners fixated.

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Notable Shows

Direct Support for EOTO

Terminal West - Atlanta, GA

STS9 after party w/ Space Kadet

Aisle 5 - Atlanta, GA

Direct support for The Crystal Method

Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA

Primus after party 

Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA


Support for Bass Physics and Eliot Lipp

The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

Direct support for Zoogma

Aisle 5 - Atlanta, GA