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“We all get stuck wandering about inside our own heads. We want to take you to places in there you’ve never been to. Let go and dive brain first into a psychedelic trek with our music to guide you the whole way.”


Cozm & Naught is a psychedelic, electro-fusion duo from Atlanta. Their sound dives deep into classic psychedelia while also holding the precision and execution of modern electronic music. Cozm & Naught’s live show moves through dynamic lulls and ultimate crescendos creating a vividly dramatic encounter curated just for the audience. Heavy sub-bass with layers of droning synth walls and supernatural melodic phrases permeate their songs and serve to create tension then deliver releases that keep listeners fixated.


One of the most important things an artist can do is acknowledge and celebrate their influences by absorbing everything they can from the music of their predecessors, then weaving in everything their own nervous system experiences to create something unique and remarkable. Cozm & Naught does this to an absolute level of reverence. Pulling meaning, symbolism, and feeling from a wide array of artists like Pink Floyd, Tool, Death Grips, and Radiohead, then reacting to it in an intentional and productive way is heavily rooted in their creative process, and is communicated in their songs and live performance. 

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